Kindness Week at Chino Hills High School


Photo by Howler Staff

Kindness Week - Stronger Together banner located in Center Ice

Ava Kendrena, Staff Writer

Returning from Winter Break was a struggle for most students. On Monday, January 6, students came back to school exhausted and overwhelmed trying to adjust to their old routine of getting up early and being prepared for the day. Luckily for the students of Chino Hills High School, they were pleasantly surprised to be welcomed back with donut holes as they entered school. This sweet treat put smiles on students’ faces, and it was an excellent way to kick off Kindness Week at CHHS. 

Throughout the week, both the Leadership and ASB programs helped plan enjoyable events for students, in order to promote kindness and positivity. In addition to the delicious donut holes that were distributed on Monday, it was also “Motivational Monday”, and students were encouraged to share their favorite motivational quote on social media. This pattern of positivity continued throughout the week, with the following day being “Together Tuesday”, where students were challenged to spend time with their friends. In order to promote a sense of togetherness throughout campus, each class was also asked to participate in a school-wide project that would emphasize unity. Every class was given small slips of paper, and students were asked to write down anything that they were currently struggling with. After, all the slips of paper were collected and strung together in order to form a large chain. This project helped symbolize that although we all have struggles, we are supported and loved by all. To conclude Kindness Week, music was played during lunch, in addition to having a giant Jenga and a giant Connect Four out for the students to play.

The events that took place during Kindness Week helped students ease their way back from vacation-mode to school-mode and hopefully made them feel more loved and appreciated. Kindness Week was a successful effort in promoting positivity, which will help influence showing kindness for the remainder of the year.