Fun Memories During Winter Break 


Isabella Kendrena, Staff Writer

Compared to past winter vacations, Winter Break 2019 included a lot more responsibilities and work, such as AP homework, and applying for college scholarships. However, I managed to keep active this break and found ways to create fun memories and relax after the stresses of the first semester. 

The holidays always involve a lot of delicious food, so I found ways to stay active and fulfill my new year’s resolution to work out more. I decided to get some use out of the workout clothes I got for Christmas by attending workout sessions at OrangeTheory Fitness. This gym is unique because of its use of technology, such as heart rate monitors, and its specified summary reports that include how many calories were burned, how many fat cells were lost, and how hard you worked after a workout. I also stayed active this winter by going on hikes. 

Over the break, I also made plans to spend time with friends. On the first day of break, my closest friends and I celebrated “Friendsmas,”
which is essentially a Christmas party with those you care about. During Friendsmas my friends and I made gingerbread cookies, watched Christmas movies, and took a walk to look at all of the beautiful Christmas lights. I will always cherish the memories I made this winter, and look forward to making many more in 2020. I learned a lot this winter and was happy to find a balance between work and leisure. This Winter Break was the perfect way to refresh after the challenges of the first semester, and I now feel ready to conquer the second semester.