Looking Back at the College Application Process: Senior Thoughts


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College Applications deadlines are time consuming and stressful for graduating seniors.

Hannah Nelson, Staff Writer

With the end of the first semester and the dawning of January comes the end of the college application season for Chino Hills High School seniors. While the UC and Cal State deadlines, as well as the early decision and early action deadlines for many private schools, were in November, the regular decision deadlines for most private colleges range from January 1 to January 15. Though this does leave the application season open until mid-January, most students decided to submit their applications over the winter break. 

Many students report that the process was stressful and time-consuming. According to Henry Chen, “the process was rather exhausting and got a bit monotonous after a while,” and Olivia Greene said it was difficult and stressful “balancing college apps with finals.” Now that the process is over, this leaves more free time than some of them have had for several weeks, if not months. Some proactive students finished their applications before the break. Vanessa Qi said that all of her materials were finished except her recommendation letters. Even so, for some students, like Olivia, extracurriculars made it so that “the deadlines came so fast.” Henry says that he, “would have benefitted from spreading the work out a bit more” but also admits that unexpected events occur frequently so it’s hard to predict how much time you will need. 

However this year’s seniors are reacting, the process of applying to college is now over. Rebecca Kuhn says that she’s proud of her application, after a process that seemed like “a near-death experience.” Those who had applied early have already received their admissions decisions, and the rest will not hear anything until March. This doesn’t stop them from thinking about the future, though. Olivia says that “it’s kind of nerve-wracking once you send in your applications because it affects a big part of your future and you can’t go back and change anything, and it really sets in that you’re growing up and almost out of high school.”