The NBA – Almost Halfway Through the Season

Rishi Shah, Co-Editor in Chief

The NBA has been one of the most famous leagues in the past 100 years. As the league has gone almost 40 games in, let’s look back on the league. The Lakers and the Clippers have been the most talked-about teams going into the season, and they both have (almost) delivered on the hype. The Lakers one hundred percent have, being in first place in the West and second in the league, only behind the Milwaukee Bucks. The Lakers with Anthony Davis and LeBron James have been delivering so far, beating every team below .500 and showing great progress and development. The Clippers have delivered as well, just not as well as the Lakers. They’re sitting in 4th place in the West, mostly due to the fact that their main star, Kawhi Leonard, sits out every other game to rest. He is preparing for the playoffs, taking off half the season to prep. There has been significant backlash from the fans, as fans have come to watch star players but these players are sitting out. The Warriors, the most dominant team of the last decade, are sitting in last place. This is because Kevin Durant left the team, and their best two players are out right now, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. As you can see, the NBA has been extremely exciting so far and will be an entertaining sport to watch for the next months.