The Chino Hills High Varsity Boys Basketball Team is Off to a Good Start


Kay Yan, Staff Writer

The Chino Hills High Varsity Boys Basketball team is off to a good start. Their constant game preparation has led to their tremendous success. There was a home game of the CHHS varsity team in the large gym. Huskies finished the game with a win against Rancho Cucamonga High School. The boy’s basketball team can be described in one word; teamwork. Their profound excellence in teamwork really showcases the true Husky pride. The strength that they possess has sent them to the breath-taking CIF State Finals in the past, which will be the real test this year for the love for the sport. A value that they hold to themselves forever is the idea of compassion. The main phrase for the basketball team is “sharing is caring.” The most basic drills the team does include are passing the ball and scoring assists. The main reason they have so much of this chemistry on the court is that they start developing it off the court first. Many times they go outside together and strengthen their friendship, whether it is going to the movies or hanging out at The Shoppes. Although they may have their faults here and there with their shooting or their dribbling, what they do best out of any team is passing the ball. Be wary Huskies, the basketball team will be sure to surprise you!