Being Vegetarian Can Also be Good for the Environment



Vegetarian pizza with mushrooms and olives is always a good choice for a meal.

Rishi Shah, Co-Editor in Chief

I’ve been a vegetarian for my entire life, and many people may think that it’s something extremely difficult to do and that I’m crazy because I’ve never had a steak before in my life. However, what many people don’t know is that being a vegetarian is not that hard. As someone who eats out at restaurants once a week or every other week, it has never been a struggle to find food. There are people that think that I order a salad every time I go out to eat because there’s nothing else that I can find to eat. However, you’d be surprised at how many vegetarian options there are to eat outside of the home. Most burger places have veggie patties and lots of pizza places have a plethora of vegetables and toppings that you can put on your pizza as well. There are always options for you to eat, and I’ve noticed at times, that food is generally cheaper because you avoid paying for more expensive meat. In my experience, there are other reasons to stay vegetarian as well. For starters, it’s a great way to help the environment. Meat production is one of the leading causes of climate change, and by eating even a little bit less meat a week, you can help to create a positive and lasting change, no matter how small it could be. In a world where climate change poses a coming danger, doing your part can help the fight for a healthy future for the earth. To add on, there is always the empathetic aspect, as you can help animals that are living in terrible and inhumane conditions all over the globe. There are billions of animals all living in tight, inhumane spaces, waiting to be killed as if they aren’t living things. By attempting to cut even a little bit of meat out of your life, you can help discourage these practices and conditions. All in all, while you don’t have to give up meat forever, it wouldn’t be a bad choice to give it up for maybe once a week and try to help animals and the environment.