Mayor Mrs.Moran: Providing a Better Future for the Youth of Tomorrow


Photo by Howler Staff

Journalism staff writer Amaya Williams asking Mrs. Moran a question during the Howler press conference.

Parker Cameron, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that Chino Hills is a great place to live with nice people and many job opportunities. So what makes Chino Hills such a great place is our Mayor Mrs. Moran who helps to make Chino Hills such a coveted place to live. My journalism class had the opportunity to interview Mrs. Moran and it was a wonderful experience. She was very tentative to our questions and seemed like she really cared about what we had to say. One question we asked her was if she had any interest in pursuing any higher form of government, perhaps at the state level. She expressed signs of disinterest due to the fact that having a government job can consume a lot of time and she doesn’t want to take away any family time. We asked one question that was very important to most of us in the class and that was if we would be getting a Raising Cane’s restaurant in Chino Hills. The answer that we received was what some could say bittersweet. Although Mrs. Moran did tell us that Raising Cane’s would like to put one of their places of business in Chino Hills, right now the city of Chino Hills does not have a lot big enough to accommodate them. She also had us learn how to formally ask her a question, by standing up, saying our names, and asking her questions. This advice will help us to be better reporters in the future. After meeting Mrs. Moran I can safely say that she is a great person to look up to and that the city of Chino Hills is in safe hands.