Mayor Cynthia Moran’s Inspirational Impact on Chino Hills


Howler Staff

Mayor of Chino Hills Cynthia Moran and the Journalism Howler staff

Ava Kendrena, Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Moran
Mrs. Moran and Journalism Howler Editors and staff writers Amaya Williams, Rishi Shah, Noa Noh, and Ava and Isabella Kendrena

For eight years now, Cynthia Moran has made a substantial effort in governing and building a safe, friendly, and wonderful community for the residents of Chino Hills. Elected in 2012, Cynthia Moran has dedicated herself to ensuring that Chino Hills is a city where everyone is fully satisfied. Whether in recreation, education, or the overall cleanliness of the city, Mrs. Moran has made notable contributions that make Chino Hills a fantastic place to live.

Part of Mrs. Moran’s dedication to her duties as mayor can be attributed to the heavy involvement she had in the Chino Hills community prior to becoming mayor. Before serving as mayor, Mrs. Moran volunteered for the city for many years and worked as a clerk in the Chino Hills High School store. Despite having little political experience, Mrs. Moran’s connections with the members of the Chino Hills community, and her pure love for her city inspired her to run for city council. 

As an elected official, Mrs. Moran still has the same humble and approachable attitude she had to help jump-start her career, and she remains close with the members of her community. The community outreach Mrs. Moran possesses is quite rare and admirable, and the little things she does to make sure all concerns are voiced is a quality that is hard to find among city council members. During her spare time, Mrs. Moran remains close to her community by substitute teaching at Chino Hills High School, where she makes a tremendous effort to get to know the students, and willingly listens to any ideas they have to make Chino Hills a better place. Mrs. Moran also openly shares her telephone number and makes sure people have the opportunity to speak on issues they want to address whenever they can. 

Under the leadership of Mrs. Moran, Chino Hills was able to gain a park in Los Serranos, a dog park, and the city’s first for-profit corporation, Hobby Lobby. Although these achievements are what Moran considers to be her biggest accomplishments as mayor, her commitment and willingness to please the citizens of Chino Hills by making herself an accessible and active member of the community is what has allowed Chino Hills to thrive for the past eight years.