The CHHS Cheer Team


Photo by Howler Staff

CHHS Cheer Team Jungle Rally performance

Hannah Nelson and Desiree Rogers

The Cheer Team here at Chino Hills High School last month went to Dallas to participate in a competition and our team took fifth place. The competition was close, with first-place receiving a score of 95.1, and CHHS scoring 94.1. 

The team did many other activities in addition to competing. The first day, they took a tour of the Dallas Cowboys stadium, which included the locker rooms for the football players and cheerleaders, Jerry Jones’s private booth, and the conference room. The next day they learned about the history of the livestock industry in Texas by visiting a stockyard, watched their competitors perform, and attended the awards ceremony for the competition. The team also visited Trinity Valley Community College and practiced with their cheer team who had won a national championship. 

According to many members of the team, it was the moments outside of the performance that was the most memorable. Emma Masad says, “We stayed up all night, even when we weren’t supposed to but that made it more fun, it was like team bonding in the room.” In the words of Raelene Hernandez, “We all bond so much there’s nothing that I would want more than to go back with my team and do it all over again.”  The team did well in the competition, and bonded as well, which is why many of the girls say it was a good way to end the cheer season.