The Hear My Howl Campaign is Currently Happening All Around the School


Photos by Howler Staff


Parker Cameron, Staff Writer

The Hear My Howl campaign is currently happening all around the school. Whether you’re in the mods, quads, or Center Ice you’ll most likely be able to see the Hear My Howl campaign booth happening somewhere around the school. But what is the Hear My Howl campaign? The campaign is certainly a good thing and is great for everyone involved. The campaign is aimed at giving everyone a voice, whether your popular or not they aim to get your voice heard. All you have to do is write on a whiteboard something that makes you special. It can be as simple as writing, I make my friends smile or I’m funny. So far the campaign has only come to Center Ice and the modules, but as of right now we plan on going all over the school so we can get as many people’s voices heard as possible. The campaign also wants to extend a hand to students because of how hard high school can be and we just want to make it a little easier by giving you an outlet where you can speak out your feelings. Overall the Hear My Howl campaign is a great thing for the school that can make the school a better place.