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2018-2019 Staff

Kay Yan

Staff Writer

Ciara Gonzalez

Staff Writer

Alyssa Gordon

Staff Writer

Here at Chino Hills High School we have some pretty great students. One of them is a junior named Alyssa Gordon who grew up here in Chino Hills and loves it here. Her favorite thing to do when she’s not at school is reading....

Martin Oh

Staff Writer

Martin Oh is Co-Editor in Chief for the Husky Howler. He spends a majority of his time doing schoolwork, and the less time he has left over each week is usually spent going out to eat with friends or playing video games. When...

Allison Ihde

Staff Writer

Allison is a freshman who joined journalism this year because she enjoys writing very much. She is very smart, kind, and approachable. She is fun and outgoing, and she also loves being with her family. She said that the happiest...

Lydia Kelley

Staff Writer

Lydia Kelley is a senior at Chino Hills High School. Some of her interests are dancing and teaching others to dance. She likes to dance because it’s a way of expressing herself in her own way. Her dream school is the University...

Tyler St. Amant

Staff Writer

Tyler St. Amant is an amazing person. He has a love for reading books and studying hard and a passion for writing. He says, “One day I want to be a novel writer.” Some of his hobbies include watching a lot of movies. One movie...

Lauren Parsons

Staff Writer

Lauren Parsons is a senior at Chino Hills High School and grew up in Chino Hills, California. When she is not busy with school or other activities, her favorite thing to do is to sleep. When asked why she is in the Journalism...

Pressley Mcilwain

Staff Writer

Pressley Mcilwain is a freshman at Chino Hills High School. Pressley enjoys basketball as his hobby and he is a part of the CHHS freshmen basketball team. Basketball is his hobby because he always grew up with his parents playing...

Christopher Jones

Staff Writer

Christopher Jones is a junior at Chino Hills High who is the Vice-president of our Hip-Hop Club. He loves to break dance and listen to music, while hanging out with his friends. Christopher wants to be a journalist when he grows...

Jacob Gutierrez

Staff Writer

Jacob Gutierrez is a freshman who is attending Chino Hills High School, and his graduating class is 2022. During Jacob’s free time he likes to play video games, because he thinks they are very fun. Jacob attended a private middle...

Nicholas Grobecker

Staff Writer

Always having an appreciation for the arts, the beauty of nature, and the motivation to expand his knowledge of historical events, Nick Grobecker’s passion and excitement for exploration are quite evident. Nick Grobecker is...

Om Angarkar

Staff Writer

Om Angarkar is a freshman at Chino Hills High who was born on May 4, 2004, in Massachusetts. He, in particular, loves America and writing for the school newspaper. Specifically, he loves America because "it’s cool." In addition,...

Rishi Shah

Staff Writer

Rishi Shah is currently in the 11th grade. Rishi enjoys spending time with all his friends playing basketball and video games. Rishi was born in New Jersey and eventually moved to California. Rishi has played basketball for countl...

Michelle Richards

Staff Writer

Michelle Richards is one of the Howler’s favorite writers and photographers. She’s a sophomore with aspirations to be a young adult fiction writer. She is writing for the Howler to prepare for her career, as well as writing...

Andrew Tovar

Staff Writer

Andrew lives in Chino and plays baseball. A place that makes him happy is the baseball field since he likes baseball a lot. He is a senior and is seventeen years old. He goes to school to get an education at Chino Hills and one...

Toni Ayala

Staff Writer

Toni Ayala is a truly remarkable and reliable student here at CHHS. She has been on the track team for the past 4 years and loves being on it every second it. It has help strive and help her become so active here in CHHS. Also,...

Noa Noh

Co Editor in Chief

Noa Noh is a junior who has been in journalism since freshman year. Born in Illinois, she decided to take journalism so she could get the chance to write articles for the school paper. Along with being on the paper she is also...

Malik Elali

Co Editor-in-Chief

Jordan DeLaVega

Staff Writer

Jordan has been part of the journalism program for 3 years. He currently has a job at Jack in the Box as a cashier and drive thru person. Jordan loves working there because he says it pays well. When Jordan leaves high school,...

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