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Alyssa Gordon
Alyssa Gordon is not new to the world of writing. English is her favorite subject in school because she has always loved to write. She also loves to read and does so in her free time (but nothing scary because she’s easily scared). Alyssa will hopefully be doing some traveling in the near future, which she really enjoys. She wishes to visit London, Paris, Florida, Seattle, and Japan, and the last thing she was really excited about was visiting New York. Alyssa is a lover of dogs (though she says owning three dogs is too much) and food. The best food combination she has ever tried is cookie dough ice cream, she would eat french fries every day if she could, and she thinks that the best thing that she has ever bought was Dip n’ Dots at Knott’s Berry Farm. Alyssa is a senior this year and is looking forward to graduating though she has enjoyed her time at Chino Hills High School. 


Alyssa Gordon, Staff Writer

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