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Martin Oh
Martin Oh is Co-Editor in Chief for the Husky Howler. He spends a majority of his time doing schoolwork, and the less time he has left over each week is usually spent going out to eat with friends or playing video games. When he doesn’t have to focus on finishing a bunch of homework for the five AP classes that he is currently taking, he loves to travel anywhere outside of the country. He has already been to Germany, Paris, South Korea, Barcelona, Japan, and many more places. The one place he still hopes to visit one day is Moscow. After he graduates this year, he hopes to attend a university in the east coast, and eventually, go into accounting or finance. Math is the only subject that comes very easy to Martin, so naturally he would like to go into a well-paying career that has to do with that subject. But before all of that, he still has this year to worry about. Martin’s expecting the first semester to be very stressful, but is thinking that it will be all worth it because a majority of the second semester will be way more chill in comparison.


Martin Oh, Staff Writer

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