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Nicholas Grobecker
Always having an appreciation for the arts, the beauty of nature, and the motivation to expand his knowledge of historical events, Nick Grobecker’s passion and excitement for exploration are quite evident. Nick Grobecker is currently a junior attending Chino Hills High School and has fastidious plans to achieve his goals of becoming a historian. He discovered his love for making discoveries and his love for nature as a young child. Nick was influenced by his past police officer grandfather and his love for his career motivated him to pursue his dreams. Ever since he took annual trips to visit places such as Arizona, Montana, and Las Vegas, Nick has always wanted to travel and explore the world outside of the United States. On his bucket list, he plans to visit the following: Japan, Britain, and Russia. His love for discovering new places motivates him to study hard and study History outside of class during the rest of his high school and college career.
When he is not walking through the beautiful sunsets of Montana, Nick loves to spend quality time with his friends, playing video games, and watching Anime movies. Currently, his favorite movie is an Anime series called JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Nick’s music preferences include electronic music such as Deadmaus, Gorillaz, and Daft Punk. Recently, he began to learn how to play the keyboard and was motivated by his friends to begin recreational drawing. At school, he makes sure to stay active in various extracurricular activities by joining clubs such as D.N.D and supporting his officer friends in the Art Club. Nick looks forward to his junior year and especially looks forward to spend quality time with his friends, attending events provided by his Journalism class, and supporting his friends in their clubs and extracurricular activities.

Nicholas Grobecker, Staff Writer

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