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Noa Noh
Noa Noh is a junior who has been in journalism since freshman year. Born in Illinois, she decided to take journalism so she could get the chance to write articles for the school paper. Along with being on the paper she is also great on the piano, competing at Carnegie Hall last Easter, as well as other performances. She even has used her skills to play for a nursery as part of therapy. During her freshman year, she took track but decided to drop it in favor of other pursuits. She is also an office secretary at CSF, and runs the World Vision Club as its president. Throughout her life she has traveled a lot, going to South Korea, Cancun in Mexico, New York, and Philadelphia. In the future, she hopes to take more trips to South Korea, as well as trips to England and Peru. In her free time, she loves to read, cook, practice on the piano and hang out with friends, and listening to music. Her favorite music artists include the Beatles, Queen, and Selena, and her favorite food is sushi. Noa says a lot of her inspiration comes from her mother who has always put in hard work in raising her, as well as Abraham Lincoln due to his contribution in history. She enjoys spending time at church with family, and says she can’t wait to meet new friends, go to more piano competitions, and get art scholarships. Look forward to articles from this Journalism veteran, and make sure to wish her a good school year!

Noa Noh, Co Editor in Chief

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