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Pressley Mcilwain
Pressley Mcilwain is a freshman at Chino Hills High School. Pressley enjoys basketball as his hobby and he is a part of the CHHS freshmen basketball team. Basketball is his hobby because he always grew up with his parents playing it, so he eventually joined the school team. He is originally from Dallas, Texas but moved to California while he was still in elementary school. People that have influenced him as a person are LeBron James and Jackie Robinson. They have influenced him by sticking with their passion for their sports and being successful in it. Places that make Pressley happy are the gym, basketball court, and his room. These are all places where he feels he can reach his fullest potential in striving to grow and learn. One day, Pressley wants to travel to Hawaii to see all the exotic places it has to offer and experience adventure. Things he looks forward to doing are being successful on the freshmen basketball team and working hard to grow his knowledge of basketball.

Pressley Mcilwain, Staff Writer

Feb 05, 2019
Varsity Basketball Continues Their Streak (Story)
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