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Tyler St. Amant
Tyler St. Amant is an amazing person. He has a love for reading books and studying hard and a passion for writing. He says, “One day I want to be a novel writer.” Some of his hobbies include watching a lot of movies. One movie in particular that he absolutely loves is The Shining by Stanley Kubrick. The amount of video games he plays is staggering to me. His favorite game is Dark Souls 1, which is regarded as one of the hardest games ever. Kanye West is one of Tyler’s favorite artists. His album ‘Watch the Throne’ hits Tyler on a personal level and continues to jam to it. H3H3 Productions is Tyler’s go-to when it comes to visual entertainment. H3’s podcast is always turned all the way up in Tyler’s bedroom. He enjoys all the topics that H3 talks about. The influences around him, make him want to write all the time. “That’s why I chose Journalism,” Tyler says,” it’s so fun to write about what’s going on inside and outside our community.” Overall, Tyler St. Amant is an all-rounder when it comes to entertainment. His love for reading books and studying everything makes him an outstanding intellect. There is so much that he wants to learn about and dive deeper into. History is a prime example of Tyler’s interests. He wants to understand the mindset of ancient civilizations and wants to incorporate some of those ideals into modern civilizations. Watch out for Tyler St. Amant, as he is about to rock this world!

Tyler St. Amant, Staff Writer

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