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Hannah Nelson
Hannah Nelson is a senior this school year at Chino Hills High who joined the Journalism class because she finally had room in her schedule. As a senior, Hannah looks forward to the very near future when she will be graduating in May. Despite her enthusiasm towards graduation, she is involved in the school through theater and one of the things she looks forward to is being part of the theater productions. One of her favorite musicals to listen to is Amelié and she says that she tends to listen to musicals more often than music played on the radio. She states that if she could go back to any time in history it would be the 1920’s because of the style of clothing and the music in particular.

Even so, she is grateful for the opportunities she has in education and the ability she has to do things with her life in the modern era. She dreams of one day visiting many places in Europe such as London, France, and Italy, but also wants to go to places in the United States such as Chicago. She also says that she would love to go to South America, but she is not sure of what exact country yet.

Besides theater and musicals, Hannah enjoys learning about history because she thinks the past is intriguing and entertaining to learn about. She grew up watching Disney shows like Phineas and Ferb and Wizards of Waverly Place but now strays to shows like the X Files which she says gives her goosebumps every time she watches it. While describing herself as a cat person because she has a cat, she says that sometimes they are a little bit evil. Hannah loves peanut butter on pancakes because she thinks it is a great combination for breakfast. She is looking forward to journalism this school year and can not wait to work on her writing skills.

Hannah Nelson, Staff Reporter

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