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Nicholas Grobecker
Nicholas Grobecker, a member of the 2020 class of Chino Hills High, and this senior loves chocolate mousse yogurt, which is fluffy as well as sweet, and his favorite memory off the top of his head was the first time he played Dungeons and Dragons, and that his first adventure where his groupmate and friend knocked down the friend of both players. Nick’s favorite accomplishment was that he improvised the role of Captain Hook in a Peter Pan play and his teacher praised him for his performance. In his future educational adventures, he hopes to go to community college and transfer to UC Irvine for their Psychology program. Within this Psychology program, Nick would love to be more in the field of Social Psychology, investigating prejudice, and cultural clashes among other things.  After college, he would love to adopt a mature rescue dog, as he is helping a life that isn’t human and wouldn’t want a puppy since there is training involved. Nick would also love to live in France for a year because he has been taking French and loves rainy areas, which-wouldn’t you know-France is rainy.


Nicholas Grobecker, Staff Reporter

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Nicholas Grobecker