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Noa Noh is a senior at Chino Hills High School. She has been in journalism since her freshman year and is finalizing her year as Editor- in- Chief. The subjects she enjoys the most after journalism is AP Psychology because learning about the brain is an intriguing topic that she can never get bored of and AP Physics 2 because it is her hardest class and she loves the challenge of understanding difficult concepts. Her favorite movie is called “Swing Kids”. The last thing she was really excited about was when she finally picked up her Cavachon puppy named Archie! If she were to travel back in time, she would witness a historic musical moment at the Live Aid Concert in the front row where she can have a full view of all the songs performed by Queen that day (But mostly to have a full view of her favorite artist- Freddie Mercury). The best food combination she has tried is melted mozzarella cheese with Korean spicy rice cakes. She is grateful for all the different opportunities given to her the past years in high school- good or bad- because, without them, she would never have been able to grow into the person she is today. The five different places she would love to visit someday is the inspired Anne of Green Gables House in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island; New Zealand; the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem; The Great Wall; and Greece. Some of her favorite television shows she watched growing up were Mr. Roger’s Friendly Neighborhood. And Korean cartoon shows called Pororo and JJangoo. If she were to choose a food to eat every single day for the rest of her life she would choose kimchi- a staple Korean traditional side dish of salted and fermented vegetables. The best thing that she’s ever bought was her orange hydro flask because she carries it EVERYWhere she goes and always needs to stay hydrated with water. Currently, on her playlist, she is listening to Kanye’s new album “God Is”, Rex Orange County, “See you Again” by Tyler the Creator, and “San Francisco Street” by Sun Rai. A tip she has for prospective students going to high school is: “Take the ACT, it’s easier than the SAT!”


Noa Noh, Editor-in-Chief

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