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Om Angarkar
Om Angarkar is a freshman at Chino Hills High who was born on May 4, 2004, in Massachusetts. He, in particular, loves America and writing for the school newspaper. Specifically, he loves America because "it’s cool." In addition, he also enjoys playing basketball, which is his favorite sport, and watching television. Om loves talking about politics and is quick to defend his beliefs. Not only is he knowledgeable in politics, he also knows just about a little bit of everything such as the economy and in particular stocks. He will never have a topic where he won't chime in and give his opinion on the subject. Moreover, Om is an avid fan of music, and in particular Hip-Hop. He got into Hip-Hop by listening to it, and because of how much he loves trying new things. Things such as dogs and cars bring great joy into his life. In fact, the thing he is most looking forward to is being able to drive a car. In his lifetime, his biggest inspiration has been Jesus. He loves being at home, but wants dearly to go to Australia. However, he doesn't really have a favorite place to be specifically, and his favorite colors are dark blue and black.

Om Angarkar, Staff Writer

Jul 08, 2019
A New Principal and a New Refreshing Outlook (Story)
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Om Angarkar